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Groups are small so your personal goals and progress can be individually monitored.

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The benefits of running are well documented and include fat loss, improved muscle tone, cardiovascular capabilities and mood, to name a few.

Different elements of running are addressed including correct technique, drills, strength/toning and flexibility. Sessions vary and include track work, intervals, hill training, endurance work and a 5km time trial to monitor your improvements.

Please note: all sessions are non-intimidating. We cater for a wide range of abilities from beginners to experienced runners. All runners are welcome and all runners are pushed gently out of their comfort zones while still having fun.

Running group sessions are located at the following:

Children's Running

Kids running group with TimChildren running

Children's groups also available on Tuesdays afternoons for ages 8 and above. Children are encouraged to have fun whilst learning the basic rules of running effectively over short distances.
Children's groups are held at ES Marks running track Kensington, in a safe environment away from traffic and where parents can view if they wish.