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My aim

Ever since I took up the sport of running five years ago, I always had the distant dream of running a marathon. Every year I kept putting off that dream as it seemed to insane, work was too busy, my social life took preference and so on. Then, last year I watched Damian in the Canberra Marathon and thought it was time to face the challenge. For the past twenty weeks or so (with a background of solid training) I have been focused on training for the Canberra Marathon 2007. My program was set by Tim - and I was determined to stick by it. A wedding and honeymoon fell in the middle. Most mornings I was awake at 5.30 and training with the group or Kristy and most weekends I would be running 30k on the Sunday. My social life suffered, I did not partake in my favourite activity of drinking wine, I watched what I ate, and I got lots of sleep. It was worth it - it paid off!

My main aim was to finish, my second aim was to break four hours, and my ulitmate aim was to crack 3.45. I did all 3 - with a time of 3.43.41. I was elated, and proud of my achievement. I felt pretty strong until about 35k when the knee and achilles starting to play up. I drank at every single drink station and kept my fluids up. I kept talking to myself out loud making sure I did not lose focus. I made a sprint for the line when I saw the clock and made it.

I would recommend it for everyone. It is a true sense of accomplishment. Now for the next challenge - breaking 100 mins in the Gold Coast Half Marathon.

Naomi Tancred

Running with Tim has made me fitter and faster

- all my friends comment how fit I look. I used to run on my own but my fitness was declining; Tim taught me how to run effectively. I can now run longer distances, faster, run up hills and breathe properly.

The sessions are varied and interesting and Tim has a lot of techniques and tips to improve your running. The groups are a friendly social experience.

Tim is a very positive, encouraging person, with a positive word for everyone, from the fastest to the slowest in the group. You couldn't find a nicer person. He is genuinely interested in motivating people and helping them to achieve their goals, whether that is increasing your personal fitness or running races.

I can't recommend Tim enough. If you want to run faster, better or just enjoy running more, Tim's the man for you.

Deb age 46, Coogee

Improving of my Triathlon

I have been a part of Tim Lindop's training program for over two years now and his program has delivered a strong improvement in my running times and technique. Coming from a swimming and cycling background, my running had previously really let me down in Triathlon. I have now completed two Ironman's, several half Ironman's and dropped over 10 minutes from my personal best 10km time. I certainly could not have done this without the support of Tim, the emphasis he places on moving outside of your comfort zone but also the friendly environment created in his running groups.

I have found Tim's programs to be varied and interesting with a good mix of strength, speed and technique work. His running groups, in my experience show a good balance between hard work and enjoyment and the sessions vary so they don't become boring. There is a fit for all level of runners in the groups and the emphasis on pacing, consistency and goal setting has certainly helped my running. Tim is also very approachable himself and has a good ability to motivate his runners rather than 'push' them to achieve.

Coming from a background where I really didn't like running and struggled to run 5km, I am quite surprised at what I have achieved over the last few years and I have even noticed that it is possible to enjoy a running session!

Ian aged 35, Bronte

Boxing training

"I have been doing boxing training with Tim since January 2005, when I decided I needed to do some cross-training in conjunction with my running. Since then, Tim's weekly boxing sessions have become a key - and really enjoyable - part of my exercise routine. Through his tireless enthusiasm and good humour, Tim has been great at motivating me to put my best into every session, so that I really get the most out of my work-out. I'm really pleased with the results I have been getting from training with him."

Lucinda, [solicitor] age 32

City-to-Surf 2005

At age 68 it was getting late
Although I had 8 City-to-Surf medals
my times were getting slower
I needed pushing like an old lawn mower
I wanted to feel a positive get-up and-go;
rid myself of any negative lazy and slow.

A friend said “Tim’s your man –
he will coax you into being the best you can.”
So one cold June dawn
I stifled a yawn
and went forth to meet my maker.

Tim, patient and reassuring, said,
“There’s nothing to it—
I can show you how,
but YOU have to do it.  
So without further ado
let’s start anew.”

Twice weekly for eight weeks
We took to the hills,
ran the leafy lengths of the park.
I did warm–ups, stretching, pacing,
intervals, distance, breathing,
posture, speed laps.
I learnt to run with my legs,
lead with my head. 

He’ll turn up the heat
Give you happy feet,
strengthen muscle, steady nerve
slowly wind up Heartbreak Hill
you’ll find the will to go until you stop
under the banner that says “Finish”
and only then may you drop.

If you want this rush of pleasure
Tim’s your man on the beat ---
a personal trainer like no other.

Dot age 69, Vauclause